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CraftsKona LtdCraftsKona LtdCraftsKona Ltd


Craft Signage

Craft Signage is a term we use for the fun stuff! This is our most exciting service and is the unique, “out of the box”, “wow factor” signage that we are able to supply.

Laser Cutting
Engraving and Etching
3D Fabrication
Custom Signage
Brushed Steel/Aluminium
Wood Products
CNC Cutting
Perspex Products
Painting Techniques

Outdoor Signage

We offer the complete professional service that will last and look attractive. We can replace your current branding, install brand new signage, help you design something unique or give you sound advice from our years of experience. This is our bread and butter service, it’s where it all began.

  • Fleet Branding
  • Fixed Signage
  • Flags
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Correx Boards
  • Pole Mounted Signage
  • Fabrication and Installation
  • Stanchions/Rope Access
  • Maintenance

Indoor Signage

Indoor Signage covers a wide range of products and we most definitely can make your office look professional with custom signage for your walls and windows. We can do incredible things with window films like frosting, cut out decals and contravision (one way vision vinyl). We have a wide range of display systems like roll up banners, banner walls, ticket holders. etc. Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs.


  • Vision Plaza Building,
    Mombasa Rd, 4th Floor,
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • +254 799 363732


View our 2022 service brochure for an easy-to-read guide on all of the services offered.